HUD is proposing a rule that will result in the eviction of 11,000 Angelenos

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is proposing a rule that would divide families and could lead to the eviction of 11,000 people across Los Angeles at a time when we are already grappling with surging rates of homelessness.

The rule would deny federal housing aid to households that include anyone living in the country illegally, even when other members are eligible for aid as lawful residents or U.S. citizens.

L.A. City Council leaders are urging residents to submit comments to HUD by the July 9 deadline.

Suggested language:

The proposed rule "Housing and Community Development Act of 1980: Verification of Eligible Status" would have disastrous ramifications for mixed-family households and would directly contribute to our homeless crisis. This rule could lead to the evictions of 11,000 people in Los Angeles alone, a city already grappling with surging rates of homelessness, and could put as many as 55,000 children who are legal U.S. citizens at risk of homelessness. I OPPOSE this rule, and urge HUD to create policies that uphold the agency's mandate to create fair housing opportunities.