Willesha's Story


Willesha and her family came to Los Angeles hoping to find better jobs and opportunities. Willesha, her husband Clifton, and their two young children moved in with their extended family. Unexpectedly, Willesha’s relatives changed their minds about living together, and due to the soaring rents in Los Angeles, Wilesha and her family found themselves homeless.

Clifton called 211,  got connected to LA Family Housing, and the family was quickly placed in a motel.

For one year, the family did their best to live a normal life, although living in a motel was far from normal. Unable to cook, they ate out frequently, surviving on fast food. Their son Jadrian struggled in school and was ashamed of his living situation. LA Family Housing helped to get the family back on their feet with case management, hygiene bags, transportation, and employment support. Slowly, they began to find their footing. Clifton found warehouse work and Willesha secured an administrative position at a local non-profit. When LAFH helped them find an apartment in Van Nuys, the couple knew that their prayers had been answered.

After moving in to their new apartment, one of the first things Willesha did was cook for her family - a true sign that the family had come home.