Walk a Mile in My Shoes - Taina

Taina's aunt told her as a young child that she would never amount to anything. And for a long time, Taina believed her. Taina's past is a story of pain and abuse. Going in and out of the foster care system, she also struggled with bipolar disorder and depression. She didn't feel in control of her life.

But today Taina is at Bridge Housing, and feels hopeful for her future. "I was a victim in the past, but not anymore. I'm responsible for my choices, and I choose to be positive." Taina has learned to read, she is three years sober, she is painting, and she is ready to learn to drive and find housing. Taina wanted to share this poem about her life journey:

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Walk a mile in my shoes and you will see my struggles

To some it may only look like trouble

Don't get your head twisted

I don't want to be another statistic

I'm just trying to live my life in pursuit

Of happiness, but sometimes

My heart gets filled with pain and disappointment and fear

So I fight to see the light

To be the woman that GOD wants me to be and

Never give up and always stay strong

cause only the strong survive

the pain and fear inside is only temporary

for I am not what they say I am

I am my own architect and through my words

I speak loud and clear so when the sun comes up tomorrow

I will put away my sorrows and embrace the day

Thanking GOD that i have a dream to follow

Walk a mile in my shoes and you will see my struggle