2011 was a painful year for Emily. Her notary business was failing. She couldn’t pay her bills—let alone buy groceries—and she was on the verge of losing her home. When her son Myron died in a horrible bus accident, Emily was devastated. She finally reached a breaking point when she was evicted.

Emily kept her homelessness a secret and began wandering the streets. One afternoon, she stood over the freeway thinking about how easy it would be to end her life. But deep down, despite feeling hopeless and alone, Emily still wanted to live. She walked several miles to Olive View hospital, where she was placed on suicide watch. She spent her 59th birthday there.

“In one year, I lost my son, my business, my dignity, and my home. After living on the streets, I didn’t know what would be next. But LAFH gave me my life back.”
— Emily

After six weeks at the hospital, she was referred to LA Family Housing. With the support of her case manager, Emily began to stabilize. She kept her doctor’s appointments, maintained her medications, and excelled in good tenancy classes. Nine months later, Emily moved into Palo Verde, our permanent supportive housing apartments in Sun Valley.

We are striving to help even more people like Emily through permanent supportive housing. In permanent supportive housing like The Campus at LA Family Housing, Emily has access to services unavailable at a conventional apartment complex, including an on-site case manager and health advocate.

Five years later, Emily is thriving in her home and is now a national advocate for legislation and fiscal support of permanent supportive housing. Donate now to help finish building The Campus and help countless people like Emily.