WE know what works to end homelessness in people’s lives: an individualized approach that combines comprehensive housing options with supportive services.


Our commitment to best practices impacts more than 7,300 people each year, and our community-based approach allows us to influence how homelessness is addressed in Los Angeles and nationwide.

LA Family Housing coordinates with partner agencies, elected officials, volunteers, donors, and the community to collectively increase our region’s effectiveness in moving people from street to home. From advocating for more permanent supportive housing, to sharing best practices with other services providers, we believe that TOGETHER we can all BE the KEY HOME.



LA Family Housing meets people where they are, literally and figuratively. Each person's unique life experience defines what type of support they need. With these needs in mind, we connect participants to the right type of housing for them, and surround them with the services that are proven to foster long-term housing stability.

LA Family Housing has led the way in developing best practices such as Prevention, Diversion, and Street-Based Multi-Disciplinary Engagement to our region and communities across the nation. These engagement strategies allow us to create the appropriate support system required for each participant based on their individual needs.


Prevention & Diversion:

Providing resources and support to help participants stay in their current home or move directly into another permanent housing option. Connecting to friends, family, or community of origin, prevents them from becoming homeless.

Multi-Disciplinary Street-Based Engagement:

Providing outreach, assessment, and mobile care to those living on the streets. Specialized teams may include a Nurse Practitioner, Substance Abuse Specialist, Peer Advocate, and Housing Specialist.


We believe that everyone deserves the dignity of a home. In response to the severe lack of affordable housing in Los Angeles, we've invested in solutions such as leasing large homes to increase interim housing options, and developed a broad network of landlords, property managers, and developers to identify housing options beyond our own real estate portfolio. When possible, we invite participants into shared housing arrangements to make the best use of available apartments, offering affordability and support for our participants.


Permanent Supportive Housing

An apartment linked to on-site supportive services; a proven, cost-effective housing solution for people experiencing chronic homelessness who live with disabilities.

Bridge Housing

A temporary housing solution for individuals and families as they work with case managers to move into permanent housing.


From the initial point of engagement to the critical first months after housing placement, our team is constantly assessing and engaging participants to help them overcome barriers to long-term stability. Our Housing Stabilizers put individualized support plans in place to help participants stay in their housing that include a variety of services, such as employment support, financial literacy, educational opportunities, and substance use and health treatment.

Where we don’t provide services directly, we leverage our broad network of partner agencies throughout the region to meet the specialized needs of our participants.



With the sharply rising rents in Los Angeles, more people are at risk of falling into homelessness. Our pipeline of new real estate development will create supportive homes in the coming years for vulnerable groups including transition age youth, veterans and their families, and single women experiencing homelessness. LAFH consider each community’s unique needs and priorities as we design a new property for that neighborhood. 

We also advocate alongside our partners for policies and legislation that will lead to increased affordable housing construction.


The Key To Expanding Our Impact

As the leader of the Coordinated Entry System (CES) for families and individuals in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys, LAFH works with our partners to provide housing and services to people living in crisis. We recruit and train new partners into CES to ensure more seamless service collaboration across the region. Our work with institutions such as hospitals, foster care, and jail systems creates new avenues for people experiencing homelessness to access services and develop a housing plan.

We also rely on YOU, our volunteers and neighbors, to enrich our programs and provide positive support to our participants as they transition out of homelessness.


The Key To Our Success

After years of watching homelessness increase in our communities, Los Angeles overwhelmingly voted to approve two unprecedented revenue streams - Measure H and Proposition HHH. The flow of Measure H funds has contributed to the recent growth of LAFH’s programs and LAFH received $1.3 million in HHH awards in 2017.

LAFH also recently introduced a new source of revenue through our new consulting services to share the knowledge and expertise of our staff with other service providers across the nation. Support from philanthropic partners has expanded beyond monetary gifts to land donations, in-kind furnishings, and endowments.
Together, our diverse income streams support a balanced business model that will sustain the organization for years to come.

Core Mission Support

The infrastructure required to support development, programs, organizational health, and accountability of our agency. This includes administrative support like finance, accounting, human resources, fundraising, and data-collection.


2009-2017: Our Impact

As we complete our Ten Year Vision (2009 – 2018), we celebrate significant growth and impact in addressing homelessness throughout the region. More people have been helped, more housing built, and we’ll complete our Campus by 2018. 


2018-2027: Our Growth

With the adoption of our next Ten Year Vision (2018 -2027), LA Family Housing will help build the capacity of our industry by impacting regional and national policies to end homelessness in people’s lives. With increased scale to deliver our services, we anticipate 30% agency growth and impact on people’s lives.


Be a part of our future...

The success of these past ten years and the opening of the new Campus empowers LA Family Housing to envision our future. Our next Ten-Year Vision focuses on innovative strategies and organizational sustainability to meet new opportunities and serve more people.